Being a singer requires initial sacrifice and dedication. Not everybody is born off of wealthy parents and can afford to make music full-time and pay for their first album. Most singers start from the very bottom. At the early stages of your career, you have to handle everything, including the expenses for your first album. On top of that, finding good studio equipment at reasonable prices can be challenging. The good news is that it is doable.

Young artists have to break the stigma about starving creators. If you see yourself as an underrated victim, you cannot amount to anything more than a few gigs in a bar. I often get questions about how I got my first album sponsored. The truth is that I didn’t. I found the funds myself; I organized my first big concert. I lived in the studio for a few months to cut initial expenses. I got by with help from my friends and an insane drive to succeed. I am sharing a copy of a short interview with a local radio station. I hope it helps some of you out there find the confidence you need to make your first album a reality.

What motivated you to record your first album?

As an aspiring singer, you often dream of becoming famous overnight. I didn’t have it easy, so I didn’t expect anything to just happen. I guess my goal motivated me. I rolled up my sleeves, and I was ready to do virtually anything to move forward.

What challenges did you encounter?

Obviously, the financial challenges were the hardest. I couldn’t afford many things I needed, like a studio for rehearsal, a new guitar, a good microphone for demos. Frankly speaking, I often had a hard time paying rent or buying groceries. Another challenge was that nobody knew me, so it was hard to get gigs at first.

How did you handle your challenges?

Well, I saved as much money as possible; I adopted a frugal lifestyle and focused on investing in my music. I took loans to buy studio equipment and handle my daily expenses. I got my J-Style Bass guitar for $400 from a local dealer. And, most importantly, I got a manager. She got small gigs for me then used my past performances to promote me and help me grow. I owe Michelle a lot.

What should a young artist do to be successful?

Work hard, hire a manager, get fast funding. The faster you move, the better. You can’t afford to stop. When you’re making a name for yourself, don’t let people forget what you do. Young artists have the energy and the drive to pursue their ambition.

Do you have any advice for young singers struggling financially?

Sure. If you want to be a singer, you have to treat music as a job. Invest in it and make money out of it. There is no in-between. Where there is a will, there are at least three loan opportunities.


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